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Ever since this quarantine began, I have been gifted with the opportunity to work without the distractions of having to leave home for any number of frivolous reasons such as "It’s a nice day, I should go out..." Instead, all I need to do is walk a couple of steps onto my balcony and I am outdoors, enjoying the weather be it rain or snow or sunshine.

I work from home. As you can see I have converted my dining room into my studio. It is perfection for a studio. Northern exposure from three huge windows, which are nearly floor to ceiling in size, and provide me with light that is nearly constant in intensity throughout the duration of the day, rain or shine.

Not to mention that the kitchen is contiguously convenient to satisfy my need for a quick espresso or a bite to eat.

West End Studio

The view from the windows could not be more peaceful, my own Private Idaho The park is filled with birds and squirrels with their playful anctics on the centennial firs that provide privacy and shelter from the ambient city sounds. An ideal setting for creativity.

Scott Pierson Trail


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