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Lagos is a contemporary impressionist-expressionist artist. An acrylics and mixed-media painter who lives and works in the West-End area of Tacoma, Washington. An American of multicultural ethnicity and education, he speaks Spanish, French and German.


Immersed in art at Le Musée De Louvre while vacationing in Paris at age 16he became aware of his desire to become an artist, a painter. Lagos  does not concern himself or surrender to new trends or politics in the art market structure. Rather, he focuses on his desire to paint, to create Art. His works ensue in the style of the French Impressionist and Expressionist artists of days gone-by.


As a matter of course for a professional artist, he completed all the Fine Arts related courses offered at Eastern Washington University in the early 80’s. In 2012 he attained a Fine Art Graphic Design degree at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. As an painter he considers himself self-taught.

Beyond the trees

Lagos  (1954–    ) Beyond the Trees, 2021 ©. 

15 x 15 inches, acrylic paints on canvas.  An expressionist landscape featuring mountains and trees.

Expressly as an artist, Lagos has been creating paintings since 1986. He uses acrylic paints on a variety of surfaces such as corrugated cardboard, cardboard, masonite board and sometimes on canvas. His body of work is not ethnic-culture specific or political in the traditional or overt sense.


Fatefully —living in Paris for a year— in 1995 convinced him that his true calling in life is and has always been the art of painting. Although he earned –Le Grand Diplôme de Cuisine et Pâttiserie– at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Paris, he did not pursue a culinary career. He chose to answer the beckoning call of the brush and palette. But he can cook a delicious French repas at a moment's notice.


Until recently, he chose to concentrate on painting rather than establishing a presence in the art market structure. However, he attained recognition as an artist at a private salon in Paris, France in the mid 90’s and in 2019 at The Gary Manuel Salon Gallery in Seattle and the Soulstice event at the Tacoma Art Museum.


Presently, he has well over 150 paintings —most of them in his studio— to his credit. Now, after achieving this personal goal as an artist, he is to return to The Gary Manuel Salon in February, 2022 for an exhibition of his latest creativity.  He has also accepted from the Office of Arts and Culture, Seattle Arts Commission the award for Artist-in-Residence at Arts at King Street Station, from May 10 to July 9, 2022.


Additionally, he was featured in an interview with KOMO news Seattle Refined in June 12, 2021. At this time, he looks forward to future collaborations with local art galleries, or other venues for exhibiting his extensive body of work.

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